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«Blue Print»
Dienstag, 08. Okt 2019, 16:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

Blue Print is a monthly radio program sparking from the harmonious sound and performance art event that was Reflektor. Blue print aims to create a common platform for practice exchange and shared research. The Lumenses project questions how the taboo that surrounds menstruation impacts society, and more especially the biomedical research.
Blue Print

In the frame of the Lumenses project, scientist, artist and educator Florence (Flo) Razoux collects voices in different formats who share their views and experience about menstruation. Four of them can be heard in this month’s episode of Blue Print.

With: When It Is My Day, by Lady Gaby, spoken words Berlin-based artist.

Florence (Flo) Razoux is a researcher, creator and educator with a PhD in neuroscience & biomedical engineering. Their current work bridges science, art, design and technology, and explores the dichotomy between the body and the mind. It has been presented in academic and cultural institutions such as the University College of London (Burnout, 2015), the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin (Gray Matters, 2017), MONOM, Berlin Center for Spatial Sound (Sgr-A*, 2018), and most recently, the ETH Zürich (Waddington, solo exhibition, 2019).

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