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«La Passante Ecoutante» para: #1.21 #1
Dienstag, 19. Jan 2021, 23:00 bis 00:00 Uhr

La Passante Ecoutante

para. Getting lost in thoughts and memories, on outings, in images, lost in cables, devices, gadgets. Complexity and abundance (of things, options, hazards) allow for myriad ways to err and lose track, in often annoying, sometimes dangerous ways. Proximity – be it corporeal or virtual – puts us in constant touch with others, only to lose it with ourselves.

An interview by Niki Matita with founder and editor Timon Mürer.

Radio release with international audio contributions related to para journal's first edition by Vreni Spieser, Lukatoyboy, Sascha J. Dorn, Petra Dish and the Nicotine Tingles ft. OVERT operations, Vincent Charlebois, Chris Wood, Katharina Stadler, Urban Feral, Đorđe Živković, Patrick Kennedy and Laura Lukitsch.

This show features audio walks done during travels, strolls with friends in the neighbourhood, deep listening to the changes of everyday surroundings and sounds alike.

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