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«fugitive radio» fugitive frequency: trocar #3
Dienstag, 02. Mär 2021, 17:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

fugitive frequency episode 3 is themed trocar or exchange. As discussed by Léo Custodio in the program, it implies solidarity amongst activists, researchers and artists who come together across power differentials. This episode features: Léo Custodio, a Brazilian-born scholar and activist based in Helsinki; Tania Nathan, a Malaysian-born poet who also lives in Helsinki; ‘Butter Toes’ and ‘Little Boxes’ who are organising the first queer anthology of Bangladesh...
fugitive radio

community media activism, activist research, diaspora poetics, insurgent queer history

fugitive radio an urban artistic-research project initiated by Sumugan Sivanesan about radio as a social practice. It is concerned with indigenous and migrant voices, narratives, experiences and music.

fugitive radio is being developed in collaboration with Pixelache Helsinki and is supported by the Kone Foundation.

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