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«A Propos De Minos» An Hour of Improv
Mittwoch, 09. Feb 2022, 00:00 bis 01:00 Uhr

weekly broadcast on RCN / Radio Capsule.
A Propos De Minos

à Propos De Minos is a weekly live broadcast on RCN (Nancy), French produced and hosted by William Nurdin, curator of RoHS Prod. Offerings include ambient, experimental, noise, soundart, glitch. Every time it's a live improvisation and everyone who wants to can participate. The sound of the room is taken by Stereo Microphone (Rode NT-4 or Soundman OKM-II) and sent directly to the stream.

A kind of Itinerant Radio Open Stage at different locations and with different guests live streaming every monday 9pm to 11pm.

For fr-bb, William is composing a one hour synthesis of the best moments of the month.


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