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«fugitive radio» fugitive frequency: A Book Dream: Under The Leaf Art Book Fair #6
Dienstag, 07. Jun 2022, 17:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

‘A Book Dream’ is an audio fanzine documenting Under The Leaf Art Book Fair at Monitoimitila O., Helsinki, 14–15 May. The event was organised by Hikari Nishida of The Temporary Bookshelf, Sara Blosseville of Fetiche Editions and Kati Ruohomäki of Monitoimitila O. This podcast collects conversations had with a number of stall holders. Tervetuloa!

Art Books, Zines, Independent publishing, Helsinki, The Temporary Bookshelf, Fetiche Editions, Monitoimitila O., Under The Leaf Art Book Fair

fugitive radio is a performance-research project initiated by Sumugan Sivanesan about radio as a social practice. It is concerned with indigenous, migrant, queer and anticolonial issues and music. It was initiated in Heslinki with generous support from Kone Foundation (2020–21) and Pixelache.

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