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«Dedicated Proxy» Animal Tarot Deck: w/ darkcoretruth #3
Dienstag, 07. Jun 2022, 21:00 bis 22:00 Uhr

I invited darkcoretruth, also a member of Crush Kollektiv, a Berlin based WLINTA* DJ collective, and we decided to drop all those plans we made for this radioshow and instead do a live feel good tarot session accompanied by some tunes. Things have been so intense for us the past weeks - you will probably witness some weird and impulsive energy releases.

I would also like to introduce you to 3 artists who I have discovered through Pirate Studios.

Cashanna from London who is unapologetically playing around with multiple genres and not putting themselves in a box. Their single 'Velvet Room' is a result of this and there is more music coming soon!

jez.who from New York released his EP 'Peppapot' in 2020 and I love every single track on it. The name of the EP is an homage und queering of a traditional Arawak dish from his maternal country, Guyana in South America. jez. art and music is mostly inspired by his Black trans and queer experience.

Gogo, who explores questions of background and belonging in her song 'Space'. Her music follows a stream-of-consciousness narrative, she mostly poses and answers inquiries about herself and uses music as a tool for self-excavation.

Check out their Instagrams for more: @cashannaa @jez.who @eyegobyegogo

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