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«Matters of Transmission» Shortwave Collective: Open Wave-Receiver
Dienstag, 26. Apr 2022, 15:00 bis 16:00 Uhr

Guest episode by the international, feminist artist group Shortwave Collective. ‘Open Wave-Receiver’ is an audio how-to guide on constructing self-powered radio receivers.
Matters of Transmission

The work collages sounds of the collective, engaged in the processes of making and listening (including recordings made during a residency at Buinho Creative Hub, Portugal), as well as the sounds of materials, experimentation and workshopping, and finally, the signals received by the Open Wave-Receivers.

The how-to guide was initially made for Make magazine (print and online):

The audio version was initially made for Radiophrenia, Glasgow, and extended for the Transmission Ecologies Series on Movement Radio, Athens:

Shortwave Collective is an international, feminist artist group interested in the creative use of radio. Shortwave Collective are: Alyssa Moxley, Brigitte Hart, Franchesca Casauay, Georgia Muenster, Hannah Kemp-Welch, Kate Donovan, Lisa Hall, Maria Papadomanolaki, Sally Applin and Sasha Engelmann.

This series is dedicated to broadcasting various forms of radio and transmission art.

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