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«Nomadic Art» SESSION #22
Dienstag, 14. Jun 2022, 20:30 bis 21:00 Uhr

nomadic Radio is part of the art platform nomadicArt. nomadic Radio is a sound-recording platform, interested in audios, interviews and experimental sounds.

We are happy to tune the 22nd session of nomadicRadio for this Tuesday 14th from 20:30 on 88,4 FM. On this occasion, we invite the sound artist Lucie Páchová to present their sound-ethnographic work on his travels to Bulgaria.

In their own words: I traveled to Bulgaria for the first time in the summer of 2011. At the current national census results I found out there were a couple of villages that had zero population. In the mountains near to the border with Macedonia and Greece, following the paths without asfalt, I hiked a couple of days to the completely abandoned village Zanoga. I ended up staying the night in neighbouring half-abandoned Krandzilica with thirty falling down clay and stone houses, one ruined school andcultural hall, a church with falling fresques and about ten habitants living. For a couple of days Ilistened to personal stories of the elders and could see how they are intertwined with stories ofdecaying rural life and the falling roofs of houses. I broke into some abandoned houses because it felt strangely pleasant when you are surrounded by someone's absence and what is left after their departure. I returned in the area in the autumn of 2014 and in spring 2021. Some parts of the village became alive.

The compossition you will hear is a game with space inside and outside. Inside means warmth, food, known voice, safety, television. Outside means animals, work, rain, insects, desolation. The recordings of abandoned houses are on the border. Something in the living room, something on the hill. Inner and outer, intimate and foreign, human and animal, rhythmic and static. Sounds of a zither and a play with a bow on various lamps, springs, glass, metal sheets, also found in houses enter into a dialogue with the field recordings.

Important sounds are stove, peppers, butter, water, goats, voices. Some of the sounds are deliberately "ethnographic" (butter churning, goat bells, ticking clocks), a reminiscent of something disappearing, but I treat them as sounds and not as informations. I put them in a contrast with something more contemporary (a ringing mobile phone, a washing machine). It's meant to be a sound rather than a sign. The composition is a sound image of a village, which reflects several phenomena. This is how the place sounds today and question is how will it sound in a few years. Iappeal to observe by listening. Places will change or survive in sounds, not just in a matter.


nomadicArt is an art platform offering diverse creative and artistic activities aims to connect various stakeholders from society: artists, activists, researchers, scholars, volunteers and other actors in the close neighborhood, having migratory roots.The activities of nomadicArt till 2018, addressed the inhabitants of the neighborhood of Moabit and ZK/U Berlin. From 2020 the neighborhood of Neukölln and LITE-HAUS Galerie. It deliberately stays on a small scale and is continuously evaluated and reconfigured according to the needs of the surrounding. Next to connecting the local structures, nomadicArt aspires to explore the potentials of artistic work as a transformative process in urban areas.

Since 2018, nomadicArt founded nomadicRadio, a space for sound and radio exchange around the probelmatics of urbanism, migration and sonority as a decolonial process. Currently we have more than 600 minutes of sessions, where we have invited musicians, sound artists and poets from South American, African and European countries. Our aim is to create a sound archive of experimental practices around decolonial listening and situated knowledge.


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