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«Loretta y LaBeouf» No, not that one, the other one
Dienstag, 26. Sep 2023, 23:00 bis 00:00 Uhr

Digging in the agonal Jukebox of your Psyche.
Loretta y LaBeouf

The therapy session for people (and none-people) who didn't even knew they needed it. Old ham, the yellow from the egg, mostly rare ingredients, heavily experimental, surprising baboom and often female. An hour of music with Loretta to find your way out of the rabbit hole. You and your imaginary friends can dance and cry in front of the kitchen radio, while trying to peel a banana with one hand.

  • Night Edition - every 4th Tuesday at 11pm *
  • Daily edition - every 2nd Tuesday at 2 pm * [ZEVEZ]

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