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«Blue Print»
Dienstag, 12. Nov 2019, 16:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

This Blue Print radio episode on Mental Health and Community is a tribute to trans* people who have taken their lives. Rest in Power. Hosted by Elliot Hughes: Mix by DJ EDNA With Music from Ciara Maxey
Blue Print

Another one has fallen

Some things should never happen, But they do anyway, I stand with you,

His suffering has gone, And our struggle continues, I stand with you,

Remember to be weak, Is to be strong, To be free is to listen, To love is to feel pain, And to respect is to, Tell the truth,

It's never over, Until it is,

And still we live on.

- for all that have lost ones, for all that are still here. I am sending you love. Katie Lee Dunbar

This time dedicated to Christopher Hands. You were all kids of good.

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