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«Berliner Runde hosted by elle dit» Colaboradio
Dienstag, 22. Okt 2019, 18:00 bis 19:00 Uhr

elle dit (she says, sie sagt, ....) is a radio platform that focuses on amplyifing women*'s voices heard on the radio.
Berliner Runde hosted by elle dit

Hosted by Rosanna Lovell, the special guest for this show from September 2019 is instrumentalist and singer Petra Nachtmanova, who will tell us about the variety of musical projects and events that she is part of here in Berlin.

Petra Nachtmanova was born in Vienna to a Polish mother and a Czech father. Since her early childhood she has been exposed to different cultures and styles of music, always searching for the connecting elements between them. In Berlin she discovered the Baglama (the Anatolian lute). Petra Nachtmanova's repertoire focuses on Eastern Anatolian Folk Songs and Aşık music with its socio-critical expression, raising the voice of the people. Since 2014 she has been mostly performing for the Anatolian communities in Germany, France, Belgium and Austria, and played concerts in Turkey, Azerbaijan and beyond. As a researcher and protagonist she has worked with director Stephan Talneau on the ARTE Documentary film project SAZ ( which was released in April 2019. Together with the multi-instrumentalist Ceyhun Kaya she organises the monthly Beynel Milel Berlin Nights at Villa Neukölln.

Beynel Milel:

Statistically women* are still underrepresented in most forms of media. In this instance we take raising your voice literally and produce a one hour show featuring women*'s voices. elle dit invites all women* in Berlin to make contributions - participating in a live show, contributing music, sound pieces, stories, interviews, readings, or any other kind of audio contribution. Although we focus on creative and cultural work and women* in the arts, contributions from all fields are welcome. Beginning in English and German, the show also aims to include contributions in other languages. elle dit is an inclusive platform which takes an intersectional and feminist approach to making radio and aims to include all women* (female identifying, trans, queer,…). Anyone interested can contact Colaboradio with the subject: elle dit.

On the fourth Tuesday of the month elle dit hosts Berliner Runde - an hour exploring what's going on in Berlin with music, interviews, news and more!

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