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Dienstag, 29. Okt 2019, 12:00 bis 13:00 Uhr

…every conversation is an invitation Dark Havens: Confronting Hidden Money & Power DNL15 Frederik Obermaier talks Panama Papers, global crime & cocktails Nicholas Shaxson talks power, money & the finance curse RYBN talk art, algorithmic investment and offshore tourism

Frederik Obermaier (Investigative Journalist, Süddeutsche Zeitung, DE) Tax Havens + Investigative Journalism + Collaboration + Panama Papers + #DNL15

Nicholas Shaxson (Journalist, author Treasure Islands & Finance Curse, UK/DE) Tax Havens + Treasure Islands + Finance Curse + Tax Justice Network + #DNL15

RYBN.ORG (Extra-disciplinary Artistic Research Platform, FR) Tax Havens + Offshore Tour Operator + Psychogeography + Art + #DNL15

Conversations recorded at "DARK HAVENS: Confronting Hidden Money & Power"

  1. DNL15 DARK HAVENS brings together people from around the world who have been part of global investigations and leaks, have blown the whistle on corporations, been put on trial, and who have taken severe personal risks to confront hidden money and power. 15th conference of the Disruption Network Lab. Curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli. In cooperation with Transparency International.

Socially engaged networks, embodied interactions, collaborative esoteric poetics: a series of nomadic conversations about society, creativity, technology and the future with host Jodi Rose.

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