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«Transit Lounge Radio» …every conversation is an invitation: LOGIN #3
Dienstag, 07. Jan 2020, 17:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

TLR At LOGIN: the roadmap for INNOVATION is TECHNOLOGY x CREATIVITY x BUSINESS. Whether you’re a blockchain geek, a currencies philosopher or a sophisticated designer, you must LOGIN! Content isn’t everything. Context is everything. Toby Shapshak: Innovation in Africa Monika Bielskyte: Post-Gender, Post-Race and Post-Nation State Future Viktorija Mickutė : global immersive storytelling Cecile Poignant: Sustainable Future Pau Garcia: Data Poetics Oobah Butler: creative absur...
Transit Lounge Radio

Toby Shapshak on innovation in Africa and mobile society

Innovation + Society + Africa + Mobile + Future + Technology + STUFF

Monika Bielskytė inspiring and revolutionary ideas for imagining the future and creating it together. How the stories we tell - and those we don't - feed back into the world we live in and have effects on actual people's lives.

Future + Design + Society + Ethics + Technology + Dystopia + Utopia

Viktorija Mickutė brings immersive documentaries to life, sharing diverse voices and a global perspective with stories told by the people most directly affected by climate change, food insecurity and conflict in personal and community narratives.

Storytelling + AR + VR + Creativity + Audio-visual + Global + Innovation + Journalism +

Contrast VR on Al Jazeera “pushes the boundaries of narrative storytelling while taking viewers directly to the front lines of the biggest news events in the world.” @VikVicariously Beyond Romanticizing the Jungle - Filming Indigenous Communities in 360 Contrast VR Weekly Blog on Medium

Cecile Poignant connects the dots in tech, art, design, food and fashion to find the signal in the noise. "The future is more active, engaged and sustainable. There is no Planet B!"

Future + Design + Society + Action + Technology + Sustainability

Oobah shares his playful take on creativity, absurdity and infamy with the Shed at Dulwich, TripAdvisor's #1 Fake Restaurant in London: "All you're allowed to know about London's best kept secret."

Storytelling + Creativity + Internet + Absurd + Humour + Fake

Socially engaged networks, embodied interactions, collaborative esoteric poetics: a series of nomadic conversations about society, creativity, technology and the future with host Jodi Rose.

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