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«Brainwashed» Radio Edition: John Giorno Special #437
Freitag, 06. Mär 2020, 05:00 bis 06:00 Uhr

Die Brainwashed - Radio Edition ist eine einstündige Show mit Musik von den Künstlern und Labels auf
  1. John Giorno, "The Death of William Burroughs" (Erratum #3) 1999 Erratum
  2. Cabaret Voltaire, "Dead Man's Shoes" (A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse) 1985 Giorno Poetry Systems
  3. Anne Waldman, "Fast Speaking Woman" (The Dial-A-Poem Poets: Disconnected) 1973 Giorno Poetry Systems
  4. PMS (Pre Metal Syndrome), "Living On The Outside (Fucked Up World)" (Like A Girl, I Want You to Keep Coming) 1989 Giorno Poetry Systems
  5. William S. Burroughs, "From Here To Eternity (Exterminator)" (William S. Burroughs / John Giorno: A D'arc Press Selection) 1974 Giorno Poetry Systems
  6. Laurie Anderson, "Closed Circuits" (You're the Guy I Want to Share My Money With) 1981 Giorno Poetry Systems
  7. Frank Zappa, "The Talking Asshole" (The Nova Convention) 1978 Giorno Poetry Systems
  8. John Giorno, "Exiled in Domestic Life" (Better An Old Demon Than A New God) 1984 Giorno Poetry Systems
  9. Jim Carroll, "Just Visiting" (Life is a Killer) 1982 Giorno Poetry Systems
  10. Philip Glass, "A Secret Solo" (Big Ego) 1977 Giorno Poetry Systems
  11. John Giorno, "Dakini Software" (Dakini Software) 1972
  12. John Giorno / Coil, "Sleep / Sleeper" (unreleased)
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Brainwashed - Radio Edition

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