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«Brainwashed» Radio Edition #449
Freitag, 29. Mai 2020, 05:00 bis 06:00 Uhr

Die Brainwashed - Radio Edition ist eine einstündige Show mit Musik von den Künstlern und Labels auf
  1. Einsturzende Neubauten, "Rausch / Die Interimsliebenden" (Interim) 1993 Mute
  2. Joseph Allred, "The Giant Who Shrank Himself" (Traveler) 2019 Feeding Tube
  3. Trilok Gurtu, "Holy Mess" (God Is A Drummer) 2020 Jazzline
  4. Midwife, "Anyone Can Play Guitar" (Forever) 2020 The Flesner
  5. Lightning Bolt, "Murk Hike" (Lightning Bolt) 1999 Load / 2020 Thrill Jockey
  6. Borusiade, "Time (No Time)" (Fortunate Isolation) 2020 Dark Entries
  7. Midori Hirano, "Remembrance" (Invisible Island) 2020 Sonic Pieces
  8. Alvie Self, "Let's Go Wild" (The Best Of Don Ray Records) 1959 Don Ray / 2019 Numero Group
  9. DEF, "L'oeil Interieur" (Re-Cover (Sybaritic a Militant Songs)) 2020 Ant-Zen
  10. The Ugly Things, "Baby I Don't Wanna Drive" (Back from the Canigo: Garage Punks Vs Freakbeat Mods Perpignan 1989-1999) 2019 Staubgold
  11. Nick Malkin, "Secondhand Identity" (A Typical Night in the Pit) 2020 Soda Gong
  12. Nicole Oberle, "Stay With Me" (Skin) 2019 self-released / 2020 Whited Sepulchre
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Brainwashed - Radio Edition

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