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«Blue Print»
Dienstag, 11. Feb 2020, 16:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

Blue Print is a monthly radio program that aims to create a non-oppressive a common platform for practice exchange and shared research. Where voices and perspectives that are not often given air space, take it, and share it with one-another. This exchange in and of it's self creates a community of thinkers, validates and shares the research and open access archive. Creating a space for new voices, or different voices.
Blue Print

An audio sketchbook, hosted and curated by Katie Lee Dunbar:

Every 2nd Tuesday on air here:

A special episode of Blue Print Radio at the BetOnest international queer artist residency in Germany, on the topic of community accountability around sexual violence. Susie Showers joined me to interview four brilliant minds to open up questions on what steps can be taken to prevent sexual violence in and around community spaces, on ways to actively listen when we are called out, and when we are holding space for people in crisis, and of what supportive frameworks can be used in the aftershock of sexual violence to repair relationship. So much juicy goodness came out of these conversations, and we're just getting started. Big thanks to Juno, Dani, Jenny, and Julia for their wisdom.

At Betonest / Photos Aoife Moiselle / Tech set up Julia Dyck /

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