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«La Passante Ecoutante» Nieuw en Meer #7
Dienstag, 21. Jul 2020, 23:00 bis 00:00 Uhr

La Passante Ecoutante

Nieuw en Meer is one of the largest studio complexes of Amsterdam, covering 3.7 hectares in the outskirts of Amsterdam between the Zuidas District and Schiphol. It houses about 100 studios and workshops for art, crafts and small businesses. At the same time, there is much attention to the ecological values ​​of the area. Niki Matita explores the premises and walks with Vera Broos, VJ and organiser of Art4Artbnb

  1. Mary Roos - Sommerzeit
  2. AG Geige - Glückliche Reise
  3. Carole King and Maurice Sendak - Chicken Soup With Rice

This show features audio walks done during travels, strolls with friends in the neighbourhood, deep listening to the changes of everyday surroundings and sounds alike.

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