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«Transit Lounge Radio» …every conversation is an invitation: Jon Tennant Open Science #7
Dienstag, 07. Jul 2020, 17:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

Jon Tennant (1998-2020) talks open science, dinosaurs, extinction, and global collaboration with empathy and kindness. AfricaArxiv Open Science In Memorium Jon Tennant Loscil Adrift loscil....

Jon Tennant (1998-2020) talks open science, dinosaurs, extinction, and global collaboration with empathy and kindness.

A passionate advocate for open science and global collaboration, Dr Jon Tennant was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, on Thursday the 9th April. The update he gives on Open Science and global collaboration during the Covid19 Pandemic was recorded in Bali on 5th April. Through his dedication and work published in numerous papers, books and open science talks, open science mooc and conversations he contributed to ongoing change and open sharing of knowledge and empowerment. I am grateful to have had the chance to meet and talk with him in Berlin after the open:fora in May 2019. Vale Jon.

In Memorium Jon Tennant

Jon was a visionary, deeply committed to making science accessible to everyone. For years, he worked tirelessly to make the world understand the urgency of the issues, writing prolifically and sharing his vision with countless people.

In his vision of science accessible to all, Jon founded the Open Science MOOC, a platform dedicated to educating everyone interested in the different aspects of Open Science and its implications for knowledge creation and dissemination.

Thanks to Jon, the Open Science MOOC and the community he built around it are today a strong pillar in the movement towards fair, transparent, and collaborative research. We are grateful to have worked with him over the past years.

Green Tea and Velociraptors

PaleorXiv  Papers

Feeling a little adrift in this extended break from transit, I end the program with this track from the wonderful generative composition based on ghost ships by Loscil.

Loscil Adrift

When the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami struck Japan in March 2011, Ryou-Un Maru was ripped out to see and set ADRIFT arriving off the coast of Haida Gwaii a year later.

A linear, extended render of Ryou-Un Maru from the generative app/album ADRIFT (2015). Available here for free for those who cannot experience the endless version via the app or want to have a linear version. This is close to a half hour excerpt, no edits other than a fade out. Unlike the other Adrift tracks, Ryou-Un Maru does not drift endlessly but, like the ship itself, slowly sinks to rest on the sea floor.

Artwork by Gregory Euclide - original, signed prints available here:

For more info and links to the app:

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