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«Nomadic Art» nomadicRadio #13
Dienstag, 08. Dez 2020, 20:30 bis 21:00 Uhr

nomadic Radio is part of the art platform nomadicArt. nomadic Radio is a sound-recording platform, interested in audios, interviews and experimental sounds.
Nomadic Art

nomadicRadio SESSION n13 present 3 amazing experimental sounds as a result of the Neukölln Stories project. Sound artists: Sarah Drain, Marta Medvesek and Jun Suzuki

Neukölln Stories is the continuation of an ongoing series of projects by nomadicArt that works with the relationship between people and their urban surroundings. Through a combination of qualitative methods and artistic practice/intervention, these projects aim to materialize moments of reflection about the relationship between people and their urban surroundings and create opportunities for exchange.

  1. NeuköllnStories project in collaboration with Lite-haus Galerie Berlin

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