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«zoviet*france» A Duck In A Tree: Inferring the Meadow
Mittwoch, 24. Feb 2021, 01:00 bis 02:00 Uhr

created by :zoviet*france: and broadcast by Resonance FM

This week's edition begins with a siren and ends with a requiem, and features recordings by Chris Carter, Quoi, Philip Sulidae, The Circular Ruins, Shredderghost, Leyland Kirby, Strange Shit, John Grzinich, Zach Zinn, Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, Paul DeMarinis, and Summons of Shining Ruins.

A Duck in a Tree is a weekly radio programme created by :zoviet*france: and broadcast by Resonance 104.4 FM on FM, DAB and online in London, and by Resonance Extra on DAB and online in Brighton, UK. Each programme is a 59 minute continuous mix of some of the best genre-refusing, zero BPM, hypnatropic and maximinalist recordings that have grabbed our attention.

Podcast version and streaming archive of past shows We upload each week's broadcast (usually on Tuesdays and with the track list) to iTunes, Mixcloud and PodBean, here:

• Mixcloud (streaming only)

• PodBean (downloadable podcast and streaming)

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