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«Brainwashed» Radio Edition #534
Freitag, 04. Mär 2022, 05:00 bis 06:00 Uhr

Die Brainwashed - Radio Edition ist eine einstündige Show mit Musik von den Künstlern und Labels auf
  1. Noveller, "Red Room remix" (Red Room) 2021 self-released
  2. Directions, "Echoes (Radio Edit 4)" (Echoes – Anniversary Edition) 2021 Temporary Residence
  3. Astrid Sonne, "Fields of grass" (outside of your lifetime) 2021 Escho
  4. Elsa Hewitt, "Inhaler" (Lupa) 2021 Tompkins Square
  5. Marina Rosenfeld, "Mezzo Piano" (Index) 2021 Room40
  6. irr. app. (ext.) [+ Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson], "LOF 24 - Dizzy" (2021 Monthly Digital Single: Legends Of Frogtown [August]) 2021 self-released
  7. Charles Lembe et Son Orchestra, "Quiero Wapatcha" (Cameroon Garage Funk) 1964 Analog Africa
  8. The Myrrors, "Eyes of Copper" (Invocaciones: Singles and Strays 2014-2017) 2016 Feeding Tube
  9. Galán / Vogt, "The Dark Opens The Way" (The Sweet Wait) 2021 Editions Furioso
  10. The Aggrovators/Paolo Baldini Dubfiles, "Natty Roots version 1" (Natty Roots Controller) 1975 Pressure Sounds
  11. picnic, "dewey (Dntel version)" (picnic) 2021 Daisart
  12. Patrick Q.Wright & Edward Ka-Spel, "Waiting For The Cloud 2021" (plus ça change) 2021 self-released

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Brainwashed - Radio Edition

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