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«ABA Air SALON» What time is it over there?: 你那邊幾點?
Dienstag, 21. Jun 2022, 16:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

by Dorothy Wong Ka Chung, Benjamin Ryser

Dorothy Wong Ka Chung and Benjamin Ryser (o!sland) are an artist duo currently at the residency of ABA. After Hong Kong’s 2019 democracy movement, they started an ongoing project about the imaginations of home of Hongkongers who left their city during the different migration waves of the past decades.

This radio show features stories from the way home in Berlin and Hong Kong. It’s a part of an ongoing search for street corners, moments in time and personal memories where these two cities touch and their histories speak to each other. What is belonging when we lose the sense of home? These stories are not only crossing geographically, but also travel between times and generations. How do the experiences of the German separation resonate with Hong Kong’s future?

Underground stations and a minibus, world clock, a blue school uniform, singing a song in the night, arriving at Brandenburger Tor, Victoria/Viktoria/維多利亞 statues, standing under the rain, what time is it over there?

In the end, you are invited to join an audio walk through a supermarket, walking in Berlin and walking in Hong Kong. You can take the walk in any supermarket near you. Just bring your headphones and we will meet at the entrance of the supermarket at 16:40.

Artist: Dorothy Wong Ka Chung, Benjamin Ryser Voice Actor, Voice Actress: Maria Sautter, Meret Roth, Santayana Li, Sebastian Ryser, Tsoi Wan Wa Shirley, Project Participant: Charlotte Lee, Ho Hin Chan, Mary Lee, Sai Wing Lau, Tsoi Wan Wa Shirley, Wing Yin Tang,  Translator: Charlotte Lee

ABA Air SALON is a radio format produced by Air Berlin Alexanderplatz, a Berlin-based artists' initiative dedicated to disseminating and documenting forms of collective and experimental knowledge production. The programmes are broadcast from various locations around Berlin in the form of salons. In these salons we get together with local artists, scholars and other cultural producers to exchange about research-based art projects and practices. You can find more information about at

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