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«fugitive radio» fugitive frequency: Dinacon @ DreamSpace #8
Dienstag, 02. Aug 2022, 17:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

An interview with DreamSpace Academy co-founder Kishoth Navaretnarajah recorded during DINACON 3 Digital Naturalism Conference in July 2022, hosted by DreamSpace Academy, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka Features the voices of other Dinacon ‘dinasaurs’ including founder Andrew Quitmeyer and node leader Hannen Wolfe. There are also snatches of speeches given my DreamSpace Academy co-founder Aravinth Panch and co-director Anna Jeyaraj Moses.
fugitive radio

DINACON 3, Digital Naturalism Conference, DreamSpace Academy, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, peace-building

fugitive radio an urban artistic-research project initiated by Sumugan Sivanesan about radio as a social practice. It is concerned with indigenous and migrant voices, narratives, experiences and music.

fugitive radio was initiated in 2020 in collaboration with Pixelache Helsinki and with support from Kone Foundation.

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