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«radio aporee» Berlin school of Sound
Dienstag, 19. Jul 2022, 19:00 bis 20:00 Uhr

radio aporee ::: maps - phonography and field recordings from around the world

Berlin School of Sound Sound Art Education and Community Center for Music What does sound art have to do with community music? Education and music can combine in a sound art of social composition – the aesthetic in the tension of contrasting collectivities. We curate our courses and events to go beyond categorical (for example “serious” vs “commercial”) musical aesthetics and engage in listening as an art and a social practice. What can an art of sound tell us not only about music, but about our ways of being in the world (that then feeds back into our musical consciousness)? We offer a performance and exhibition series as part of a practice-led training in sound art and media. Students are a group of artists, musicians and researchers who learn while producing publications, art, and music. Modular courses supply theoretical and practical underpinnings for ongoing artistic work. A Diploma is awarded upon completion of several modules and the presentation of a portfolio of works. Special artist guests regularly offer performances, workshops, seminars, and talks and direct our ensembles and clubs. The summer school (starting 2023) separately brings together students to participate on projects with renowned artists and ensembles each year. The facilities include a state-of-the-art/ vintage recording studio, sound lab (in development), and a performance space. The synergy between events and education enliven the campus at Kunsthaus Acud, a place with an emphasis on diversity, uniquely intertwined with the history of the experimental art and music scene in Berlin since 1990. The DIY philosophy of the Berlin School of Sound, program and space for art, in the heart of Berlin-Mitte is inspired by pragmatism, by collaborative student-teacher, working-by-doing methods in the lineage of Black Mountain College, Pauline Oliveros, David Tudor/Composers-Inside-Electronics, Cecil Taylor, and inspired politically by Ultra-red, Amiri Baraka, and the People’s Microphone of Occupy Wall Street. Students gain hands on experience and a theoretical grounding for sound art in the context of an interdisciplinary training. In the Studio and Project Work module, along with individual supervision, students design their own meetings at the school with a group of peers, artists and professionals they choose themselves who form their support structure for their continued practice. Students work on their portfolio, with feedback from the work group, while they utilise our vintage recording studio and sound lab and take part in performances and/or installations. In this way students learn while simultaneously building up their professional profile. Their works are featured at the Acud Hall, in radio programs with Colaboradio, on FRBB 88.4 FM and with affiliated institutions like Errant Sound art gallery. RAUM (performance and installation space) is also the site of ongoing collaboration with local affiliated ensembles from the Berlin music scene and a community space for sonic exchange.

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