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«S.W.E.A.T.» (Sex/uality. Work. Extraction. Art. Theatr/ics): with Amina Gimba #4
Dienstag, 09. Aug 2022, 13:00 bis 14:00 Uhr

S.W.E.A.T. features conversations about performance and performativity of the sexual/ized body at work—work as labour of survival and labour of a/Art with host Mad Kate. This episode features Nigerian visual artist Amina Gimba. We spoke about the power of illustration to speak across language, the joy of making queer art and the dream of working for free

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This episode features a conversation with artist Amina Gimba in 2021 at PerfocraZe International Artist Residency -p IAR in Kumasi, Ghana. Amina is a visual artist and freelance graphic designer from Northeast Nigeria who specialises in simplifying everyday experiences into provocative artistic pieces, using ink, colour pencils, crayons, tie and dye, and graphic design software.

We spoke about the power of illustration to speak across language, the possibilities for silence in our everyday communication, the joy of making queer art and the freedom found in creating for oneself alone.

Amina Gimba’s website: WHER : PerfocraZe International Artist Residency Gofundme Campaign for -p IAR: HYENAZ Reading Group:

We all sweat as we provide care, as we labour, as we perform our work, as we fuck, as we survive and as we sacrifice one choice for the other. How exactly do we define our work and how does that work entangle and circumscribe our sexual identities, our racialized bodies, our creative lives and the ways in which we provide care? How do we perform both tasks and identities within the framework of that which we consider work? These conversations are a means to speak between intersectionalities by anchoring through our (always, already, and ever pervasive) sexualized and racialized bodies, our working bodies, our artistic bodies and our performative bodies. I hope that they contribute to dialogues which normalize sex work as work, and all work as deserving of respect, healthy conditions, and a living wage.

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Mad Kate (they/them) is an electronic producer, sound designer, performance artist and writer who began working the Berlin performance and club scene in 2004, expanding their unique identity-queering, genderfcking and sexpositive performative work throughout music, theatre and film. Their explorations of borders between/within bodies, audibility, consent, proximity, and touch as political practice have brought them to theaters, communes, technomansions, prisons, dungeons, squats and galleries around the world.

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