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«Nomadic Art»
Dienstag, 13. Sep 2022, 20:30 bis 21:00 Uhr

nomadic Radio is part of the art platform nomadicArt. nomadic Radio is a sound-recording platform, interested in audios, interviews and experimental sounds.
Nomadic Art

Open to sound artists and to all those who are interested in a new way of recording migratory experiences.

nomadicArt is a cultural platform offering diverse creative and artistic activities, which aim to help newly arrived citizens to enter the public arena despite legal obstacles restricting their mobility and inclusion in social life. The workshops and events are facilitated by nomadicArt and are co-created by migrants both with a professional artistic background and without. They provide a safe space for exchange and action. Besides, nomadicArt aims to connect and include various stakeholders from society: migrants, refugees, activists, researchers, volunteers and other actors in the close neighborhood.

The activities of nomadicArt address the inhabitants of the adjacent NUK (emergency shelter), the neighborhood of ZK/U Berlin , Gütermarkt in Moabit and ZUsammentKUNFT (Modellprojekt Initiative Haus der Statistik) in Potsdamer Platz. It deliberately stays on a small scale and is continuously evaluated and reconfigured according to the needs of the participants. Next to helping and connecting the local structures, nomadicArt aspires to explore the potentials of artistic work as a transformative tool. The documentation and discourse coming from these activities will be exchanged with other similar groups working in other shelters in the context of the joint working platform ZUsammenKUNFT. ↓

Our group is currently composed of artists, designers, anthropologists, curators and art theorists who live in Berlin.


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