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«Berliner Runde hosted by elle dit» Empty Orchestra: Karaoke as a feminist practice
Dienstag, 21. Mär 2023, 17:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

Berliner Runde hosted by elle dit

Empty Orchestra: Karaoke as a feminist practice

by Coco

Karaoke translates from Japanese as empty orchestra. I take karaoke as a space for researching the feminist possibilities and impossibilities of being together, of creating an orchestra together. Karaoke invites us to sing along, move together, listen and participate. This sound piece reflects on voice, sound, body, movement, performance, which allows an investigation of the connection between the individual and the collective. Karaoke can entangle us in a collective ritual channelling spirituality. Karaoke as a space of encounter of body and mind, a space of radical attention to oneself and all other beings. A practice that can help us create worlds of speculation, creating friction in the unknown.

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elle dit (she says, sie sagt, ….) is a radio platform that focuses on amplyifing women*'s voices heard on the radio. elle dit - Statistically women* are still underrepresented in most forms of media. In this instance we take raising your voice literally and produce a one hour show featuring women*'s voices. elle dit invites all women* in Berlin to make contributions - participating in a live show, contributing music, sound pieces, stories, interviews, readings, or any other kind of audio contribution. Although we focus on creative and cultural work and women* in the arts, contributions from all fields are welcome. Beginning in English and German, the show also aims to include contributions in other languages. elle dit is an inclusive platform which takes an intersectional and feminist approach to making radio and aims to include all women* (female identifying, trans, queer,…). Anyone interested can contact Colaboradio with the subject: elle dit.

On the fourth Tuesday of the month elle dit hosts Berliner Runde - an hour exploring what's going on in Berlin with music, interviews, news and more!

elle dit has been created by Rosanna Lovell and is co-hosted with florence freitag. You can find the archive of each their shows on mixcloud.

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