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«Matters of Transmission» Global Queerscape /// The Voice of the Ants
Dienstag, 21. Apr 2020, 15:00 bis 16:00 Uhr

Diana Chester /// Klaas Hübner

Global Queerscape / Diana Chester

Global Queerscape is a multi channel audio piece designed and developed in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. The piece intends to situate the listener at the cross roads of the current queer rights landscape globally, one which is not accurately or entirely represented by the rights of the most accepting places around the world nor those where queerness and LGBTQI people, rights, and laws are restrictive, illegal, or a target. That said this piece is meant to challenge and problematize what we may think queer rights sound like, and to offer a wide variety of sounds, songs, cheers, voices, and music that represent the global fight for rights around the world.

The Voice of the Ants ('La voce delle formiche') / Klaas Hübner

radio piece born from an experiment.

A writer, a sculptor and a musician visited the village of Satriano, located south of Naples, with only a day of overlap to pass on their impressions and to listen to the radio show that the one before had created during his stay. It was intended that each would pick up where the other left off, to create a new piece related to the one before.

The Voice of the Ants is a collection of thoughts about Satriano and its surroundings accompanied by field recordings and sounds of my instruments. It is the second piece in the series of three, created for la radio da quaggiù in Satriano which was part of programming by the 2019 European Capital of Culture Matera.

'La voce delle formiche' was originally broadcast in Italian language with a small FM pirate radio station localy in Satriano and in parallel on Radio Picnic.

This series is dedicated to broadcasting various forms of radio and transmission art.

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