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«Nokogiribiki» Stefkoarts #113
Freitag, 19. Mai 2023, 03:00 bis 05:00 Uhr

Avantgardistische Elektronika und frickelige Klangexperimente.

NOKO 113 - Stefkoarts

Field recordings, drone ambient.

Give the world a listen and you’ll discover natural rhythms. i take those and put them into an unexpected context.

Stefkovic van Interesse is live with us in the studio. he started making music in 2007, initially he experimented in the sphere of noise and lately he has found a new element to transform his sound - field recordings. so get your best headphones and listen now the live debut on radio blau, two weeks before he starts his tour to the baltic countries, finland & aback to germany.

The very first release In The Fields now as limited cd edition in handmade package with artprint by Maxi Schramm.

  1. Stefkovic van Interesse - intro /jungle tower /drones around the wat arun /fields of zp /improvisation /slocean | live at radio blau
  2. Celer & Machinefabriek - mt. mitake | self-released 7"
  3. Svarte Greiner - white noise | MIA023
  4. Anthony Child - the space between people and things (part 2) | NNA054
  5. Norbert Möslang - the sound of the insects a | BOTS01
  6. John Callaghan - never a dull moment | unreleased (April_cd-r 2006)
  7. Mike Patton - handsome luke | M2-36626
  8. Godspeed You Black Emperor! - drugs in tokyo /black helicopter | CST003, KRANK027
  9. Ben Frost - the carpathians | HVALUR6
  10. Psychic TV - thee wolf pack (live in reykjavik) | TOPY026
  11. Chelsea Wolfe - pale on pale (live at roadburn) | RBR026
  12. Locust - winter | SRV103
  13. Brian Eno - julie with .. | Polydor, E.G. Records


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