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«WINGS:» Women’s International News Gathering Service: #21-20 4th World Conference on Women - Part 3
Dienstag, 22. Sep 2020, 06:30 bis 07:00 Uhr

A panoply of events, speakers and topics from the conference and beyond.

Host(s): Frieda Werden Featured Speakers/Guests: All-woman Chinese orchestra, at opening performance in the stadium; fragment of opening speech by Helvi Sipila of Finland; Hillary Clinton, US First Lady; youth performers from Western Sahara singing about the occupation of their country by Morocco; Kamla Bhasin of India, teaching the Coca-Cola song and expressing her feelings about the conference; Shirley Mae Springer Staten (singing Keep on Moving Forward); Julie Drizin, reporting on conditions for the disabled people in Huairou, unnamed demonstrator for disability rights and support, Sual deMarco (sp), wheelchair-using delegate from Nicaragua (in Spanish, with English translator), Florence Lusaka of Uganda, deaf - her friend who is in a wheelchair speaks for her; Tasneem Sadik of Bangladesh, Robin Foster of Boston - a trained guide for the blind; Nafisa Hoodbhoy on the gender divide in the governmental nuclear weapons debate, interviewed by Kimberly Frazier-Booth; Judy Rebick, former President of NAC (National Action Committee on the Status of Women, in Canada) introducing the participation process and the first speaker, who is Cheryl Carolus, an African National Congress official who chose not to have a government office and also works with NGOS; (Frieda gives the list of the topics in the Platform, with tock noises in the background); Gertrude Mongella, from Tanzania, who headed the entire conference (and later became the first President of the Pan-African Parliament), speaking in Kansas City, on a followup tour about implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action.

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