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«Matters of Transmission» Lightning Birds: A Game of Sonic Tag
Dienstag, 13. Apr 2021, 15:00 bis 16:00 Uhr

30 Women around the UK responded to a unique, fast-paced radio production challenge, to make a short radio feature in a day.
Matters of Transmission

With one person making a piece a day for 30 days, each contributor only heard the piece made the day before hers, and turned around a quick response to send on.

These pieces were joined together to create a unique show for community radio listeners, broadcast on International Women's Day, 2021

The production of the show was made possible with funding from the Audio Content Fund, a UK government initiative to support public service broadcasting. Additional funding was allocated in Winter 20/21 to radio projects that help listeners to feel more connected, and less lonely, during lockdown.

Produced by Stellaria Media @MediaStellaria : Lucinda Guy & Alice Armstrong

This series is dedicated to broadcasting various forms of radio and transmission art.

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