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«Nomadic Art» NomadicRadio: SESSION #15
Dienstag, 13. Apr 2021, 20:30 bis 21:00 Uhr

nomadic Radio is part of the art platform nomadicArt. nomadic Radio is a sound-recording platform, interested in audios, interviews and experimental sounds.
Nomadic Art

SESSION N.15 Happy to share with you our next NomadicRadio session. We have for you 3 sound experimentations, which are a mix between ednographic poetry and sonority. The curatorship of this session was based on the reflections on Western and Otherness, each artist works from her/his own personal experience.

The first track is a mix of languages, between French, English and Arabic. The second track is in English and the last one is in Spanish.

You can always listen to this session later on the link of our radio: or

Special thanks to the artists: Mohamedali Ltaief Chris Sergeant Melanie Garland Uri Silverio

NOMADIC RADIO Open to sound artists and to all those who are interested in a new way of recording migratory experiences.

NOMADIC ART nomadicArt is a cultural platform offering diverse creative and artistic activities, which aim to help newly arrived citizens to enter the public arena despite legal obstacles restricting their mobility and inclusion in social life. The workshops and events are facilitated by nomadicArt and are co-created by migrants both with a professional artistic background and without. They provide a safe space for exchange and action. Besides, nomadicArt aims to connect and include various stakeholders from society: migrants, refugees, activists, researchers, volunteers and other actors in the close neighborhood.

Our group is currently composed of artists, designers, anthropologists, curators and art theorists who live in Berlin.


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